Open Daily for Year-Round Exploration! 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Please note: The bears and coyotes go off exhibit at 4:00 pm.

Red Winged Blackbird photo: Dorice Arden

Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas Day

Trailside occasionally closes for visitor safety–high wind, electrical storms, heavy snow storms, & hazardous tree work. After snow storms, we work hard to clear the trails.

Trailside has its own Weather Station!

Weather Station

Trailside has its very own weather station! The Acurite 5 in 1 weather sensor records temperature, rain fall, wind speed, dew point and more. The data are sent wirelessly to the weather station monitor unit for storage. This monitor is connected to a computer & uploads all the information to the desktop & share it with Weather Underground. Click here to keep up with the current weather conditions at Trailside.




Wildlife Care: If you care, leave it there!

NYS DEC Cautions Residents Not to Disturb Fawns and Other Young Wildlife. Click here to learn more.

Photo: David Baker