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At Bear Mountain State Park

HOURS: 10AM - 4:30PM, 7 Days a Week. Be sure to plan ahead, our Bears and Beaver go into their dens at 4:00PM

Luna entering New Exhibit photo: Ed McGowan
Luna entering New Exhibit
photo: Ed McGowan

Update: Trailside Coyotes

Luna and Loki are exploring the larger exhibit space for short periods of time throughout the week.  As they both grow more comfortable in the exhibit space, they will begin spending more time out there and will be easier to view during the day. We are very excited for the adventures Luna and Loki are having in their beautiful new home! The photos are of Luna on her first day in the new exhibit.

Luna in Stream photo: Ed McGowan

Luna in Stream
photo: Ed McGowan

Luna on Rock Vista photo: Ed McGowan
Luna on Rock Vista
photo: Ed McGowan




Endangered Species Parade

Passenger Pigeon

Passenger Pigeon

Saturday, September 27th (rain date September 28th) 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Trailside will celebrate biodiversity with a parade of whimsical wearable art representing New York’s endangered and threatened wildlife. The parade will process through Bear Mountain State Park and arrive at Trailside Museums and Zoo. Family-friendly exhibits and activities will focus on biodiversity conservation and human interactions with nature. You can participate in the parade too, by representing an endangered species and creating your own wearable art! To learn more and sign up to participate, click here.  Please visit the List of Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern Fish & Wildlife Species of New York State to find a wildlife species you would like to represent. Contact Renee LaMonica 845-786-2701 x 293 or

Trailside Bears

Black Bear Celebrating Spring

Black Bear Celebrating Spring

Follow the NYS Parks Nature Times blog to learn about how Earth Day was celebrated at Trailside and other nature happenings in NYS Parks.



Myth of the Woolly Bear

Woolly Bear
Pyrrharctia isabella

Click here to watch Science Friday video featuring Bear Mountain’s own Woolly Bear and Edwin McGowan, Director of Science and Trailside Museums and Zoo.

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