Trailside has hungry mouths to feed, animal exhibits and museums to maintain and update, woodland landscapes and gardens to tend and education programs for all ages here at Trailside and beyond. Below is a our current list of in-kind donation needs and instructions on making donations from the wishlist.

Food for Animals Gift Certificates

Trailside feeds over 90 hungry mouths each year. Food is one of Trailside’s largest expenses. Please consider donating a gift certificate from one of our suppliers:

Mealworms, Waxworms and Crickets are used to meet the protein needs of many animals.

Grubco – +1 (800) 222-3563

Vegetables, Fruits and Other Foods including corn, turnips, apples, sweet potatoes, lettuce, peanuts, sunflowers and more make up the diets of many animals.

Stop and Shop – +1 (800) 423-3663

Fish Food, Canned Meats, and Other Supplies are used the diets and care of many animals.

PetSmart – +1 (888) 839-9638

Garden Center Gift Certificates

Trailside is a living landscape along the Appalachian Trail. Gardens and woodland landscapes are tended to protect native flora that provide essential habitat for wildlife. Trailside is working to eradicate non-native, invasive plants and replace with well-adapted native plants. Please consider donating a gift certificate from one of the sources of native plants:

Adams Fairacre Farms – +1 (845) 569-0303

Red Hill Nursery – +1 (845) 499-2555

Van Houten Farms – +1 (845) 735-4689