Interns 2018

Emily Enoch–Environmental Education Intern

Emily Enoch

I graduated in 2016 from Salve Regina University, nestled in the coastal town of Newport, Rhode Island. I acquired a BA in Environmental Studies, along with minors in Biology and Global Studies. I have had experience at wildlife sanctuaries and nature camps, educating the public of all ages. I have also been involved in conservation work, ranging from bird banding to game camera monitoring. I found my way to Trailside after spending a summer at Harriman State Park, educating camps through the Regional Nature Museums. I am looking forward to spending time at Trailside and sharing my passion for the environment with the general public. I hope to obtain the skills that will help me become a better environmental educator. Outside of work I enjoy reading, hiking, bird-watching and knitting.

Jesse Predmore–Zookeeper & Environmental Education Intern

Jesse Predmore

I graduated from Lock Haven University with a BS in Biology and a concentration in Ecology/Environmental Biology in 2016. I simultaneously commissioned as an officer in the Army Reserves. After my officer training, I interned at wildlife rehabilitation and education centers in VA, PA, and WI. My favorite animals to work with are raccoons, which constantly fascinate me with their intelligence and curiosity. Raccoons have helped me to educate the public on both the importance and dangers of rabies vector species and how to coexist with them. In my free-time I enjoy spending time with my family or at the gym. Wherever my work takes me next I hope to continue working with wildlife.