Saw-whet Owls

 Northern Saw-whet Owl (NSWO) Roost Site and Migration Study

Some of Trailside’s own League of Naturalists are studying Saw-whet Owls in Bear Mountain and Harriman State Parks. Lead researcher Trudy Battaly, Drew Panko, and others have captured and banded saw-whets in Southern New York since 2004.

Click for videos of Saw-whets

Starting in 2008 they began a more indepth study of these owls in Bear Mountain and Harriman. Major goals are to observe behavior, habitat usage, and movements. When captured, all saw-whets are given a band on their leg to ID them, and some birds have been fitted with a transmitter which allows them to be radio-tracked using telemetry. The data collected from studies such as these not only helps us understand how animals survive, but helps to preserve land and resources that both animals and humans use.

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