Please consider contributing to Trailside in one of the following ways:

Donate to Help Trailside Feed & Care for Exhibit Animals. Our animal food bill has increased manifold. Formerly, we received free rodents that many of the animals need from a supplier. The supplier is no longer making donations. Your donation helps us meet this critical need. Donor Form

Adopt an Animal to help provide funds needed to feed, maintain exhibits, provide medical care and supplies for the care of Trailside’s animal residents. More information & Adopt an Animal donor form.

Donate to help Trailside undertake special projects small to large and to improve and maintain the exhibits, facilities and historic sites.  To explore special donation oppportunities, please contact Trailside Museums and Zoo at 845-786-2701 x 265 or   Donor Form

Please make donation checks payable to Trailside Museums and Zoo

Mailing Address:

Trailside Museums & Zoo
P. O. Box 427
Bear Mountain, NY 10911